Photo+Video planning can be a challenge!

Here’s some strategy.

How many hours of video coverage?

  • Look at your day schedule. Want to cover prep time, 1st look, photo sessions (8hrs rec)? Or just basic ceremony/reception activities (5-6hrs works)? Common fav coverage is 5-8hrs … extended day(s)?
  • How about later reception, do you have special exit plans, later fun activities, sparklers, photos, special dances?
  • Location logistics? – prep, ceremony, reception – travel, party bus …?
  • Checklist? Budgeting?
  • Scheduling? Options?
  • Film + Photo Team?
  • What videos?
  • How Fast?
  • Deposit? Refunds?

We’ll carefully walk you through options, strategies, costs, planning … send us a quick email with some details!

How many videographers?

  • 1 vidguy basic coverage with multiple 4kUHD cams
  • 2 vidguys really spices-up shooting/editing/coverage! … and highly recommended with 8hrs+!
  • Guys/Gals prep-time, mobility, spontaneity, better coverage, engaging and creative more cinematic editing, extensive 4K footage/cams!
  • Add one of our Seasoned Pro Photographers too? Budget-friendly add-on for digital image download basics!
  • Add more shooters for longer days, complex schedules, specialty Extras (split schedules / days, drone aerials, tea ceremonies, 360ºVR …)

film style, personalities + people, activities to capture … special moments!

Any “Extras” for the day?

  • Drone shots, Timelapse clips, Cinematic Touches, 4K/6K
  • Extended Highlights vids, Instagram/FB vids, Raw Footage / Archiving
  • Split Schedules, Extra Events or Interviews … special stories?
  • Destination Weddings – Travel requirements/support/touristing?
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Coverage you'd like for Video / Photo?
Selected Value: 1500
Popular Coverage: One VidGuy $1495-$2995. Two VidGuys $2495-$3495. Multiple days? Extras? Travel?
Selected Value: 0
Add an affordable Photographer to the Team! About $995-$1495. Digital Downloads only. All images!

Pricing and Coverage

Select some coverage options below
How many hours filming activities? How much mobility/raw footage? (1-VidGuy Basics vs. Ext'd w/ 2-VidGuys)
Full ceremony and a longer "feature" reception video (speeches, dances, toss, etc) are included! The super-fun Highlights video is a great addition for the day's memories! (10-15min HL rec'd for 8hrs+ coverage)
$ 0.00
We will followup shortly with details (the email you provided above)!